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Ebola returns to Sierra Leone capital after 3-week gapEbola returns to Sierra Leone capital after 3-week gap

Sierra Leone has recorded two new cases of Ebola in Freetown in the past few days, disproving the assumption that the capital city had already defeated the deadly virus. The worst known Ebola epidemic in history has killed more than 11,000 people …


10 budget airlines changing Africa's skies10 budget airlines changing Africa's skies

Traveling across Africa's huge distances can be expensive. Not that long ago, getting from one city to another often meant a connection in Europe.That situation has been changed from 1988. Low-cost airlines are taking off across the region, serving…


Dragon Boat Festival celebrated in ChinaDragon Boat Festival celebrated in China

Competitors row dragon boats during a race held on the Xiaoshuihe River to celebrate the coming Dragon Boat Festival in Yongzhou, Central China's Hunan province, June 16, 2015. About 100 dragon boats competed for the champion here on Tuesday. The…


Don't miss magnificent MadagascarDon't miss magnificent Madagascar

Despite being the fourth largest island in the world, the island of Madagascar appears to be off the radar for many tourists seeking a wildlife adventure. Like a shy orphan, it has been sitting in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Africa for more…


13 signs that you're probably in Cairo13 signs that you're probably in Cairo

If you think New York never sleeps, you should try Cairo sometime. Ear-splitting, pulse-pounding and overwhelming, Egypt's capital is an all-out assault on the senses -- 18 million hustling, bustling people packed into one heaving city along the b…


Delightful Daming PalaceDelightful Daming Palace

An outdoor model shows the entire layout of the original Daming Palace strutures. Daming Palace was the residence for Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) emperors in Chang'an, now Xi'an in Shaanxi Province. This is one of the beautiful palace of China. [N…


Tourists try camel riding at Mingsha Hill desertTourists try camel riding at Mingsha Hill desert



5 Most Unbelievable Chinese Foods5 Most Unbelievable Chinese Foods

Chinese pride themselves on eating a wide range of foods, and Chinese cuisine often has an interesting history. Now we lists five unique Chinese foods, which you can taste when traveling in China. 1. Beggar's Chicken (叫花鸡) If you are plannin…


Clearing the air about pollutionClearing the air about pollution

Under the Dome, a self-financed movie about China's environmental meltdown, is an Internet phenomenon that has prompted millions of calls to green hotlines and seen bitter accusations leveled at the filmmaker. It's noteworthy that the most-watched…


Chinese tea takes on global marketChinese tea takes on global market

A new beer made with Chinese tea in Syracuse, New York, points to new opportunities for Chinese high-end teas as interest grows abroad despite disappointing 2014 export figures. In early February, Empire Brewing Co started brewing the unique tasti…


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