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Our Advantages(For African Suppliers)

         Date: 2014-10-15

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Summary: Our Advantages(For African Suppliers)

Our Advantages(For African Suppliers)

1. Specializing in China-Africa trade

The development of China and African countries is on basis of China-Africa trade which conforms to the interests of both sides and can enhance complementary advantages. The company has over 10 years experience in China-Africa trade and has a deep foundation in various aspects, such as market, products, channels, logistics and customs. Our platform TOAFRICA.NET is currently the only platform focusing on China-Africa trade network which will grasp the future direction of China-Africa trade.

2. Geographical position advantage

The company headquartered is located in China’s special economic zones-----Shenzhen. There are a good economic and trade environment here which is beneficial to product promotion and logistics service.    

3. Mature marketing network expierence in China

Due to engaging in China-Africa trade over 10 years, the company has accumulated a lot of experience in brand marketing, business promotion, China-Africa resource integration, online offline marketing promotion and management mode innovation by combining the TOAFRICA.NET with branch company.

4. Good risk control ability

The company has a proficient team in China-Africa trade who has a wealth of commodity inspection, customs clearance experience and strong logistics capabilities. Through the professional import and export of China-Africa platform for trading and clearing will greatly reduce the risk of African exporters trading.

5. Exhibition area

There is more than 1000 m2 professional exhibition center in Shenzhen company headquarter to show African import-product, and there is 500 m2 China-Africa products product gallery in Guangzhou, Tianxiu Building Marketing Center. The exhibition hall opens to all levels and all industry's traders in China.

6. Effective and professional marketing team

The company has a specialized marketing team who is familiar with Chinese market, and is good at promoting products with using advertising, promotion, network and other methods.

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