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Chinese investments taking root in Central African nation

         Date: 2015-06-16

           Tag: Chinese Investment Africa

Summary: "The difference between Chinese companies and European companies here is that the Chinese are more focused," said Jebbari. "When they get a contract, they start and delivery it quickly. That's thei…

Jean Marc moved from a French timber company to Hua Jia Timber Industry Co Ltd 14 years ago. He said it was a good choice and he has since been taken good care of by his Chinese boss.

"C'est bon", he said as he walked along the log piles in the factory showing us the logs freshly processed by his fellow workers.

His boss' kindness is one factor; the major reason he has stayed on is because Hua Jia has a more complete factory system for timber processing. "It's more professional and makes the whole work process smooth," he said.

Jean Marc, 52, a Libreville native now works with 330 workers including 38 Chinese at Hua Jia, which has seven harvestable forest areas - totaling 350,000 hectares - outside of Libreville, the capital city of Gabon, a Central African country known for its rich resources in oil, gas and forests.

He supervises the group of workers in the processing factory based in the capital city. "The wood processing industry has helped create quite a few local jobs since the government banned unprocessed timber exports," he said.

Chinese investments taking root in Central African nation

Guangdong-based Yi Hua Timber Industry bought a 75 percent stake of Hua Jia last year. The Gabon-based company now mainly feeds Yi Hua processed timber for its furniture line. Kevazingo and Padouk are among the popular types that Hua Jia sends back to China every year.

Lv Qiuyin, Hua Jia's local manager, said what they do is different from the wood trade business some Chinese and European companies are doing.

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