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Portable Speaker(SP-1301)

  • Unit: set
  • Manufacturer: RIGHT
  • Brand: LEADDER
Product Details

Product Introduction


1. Product size: 165x65x65mm.

2. Unique digital noise reduction technology.

3. Digital volume control, a unique line connection, with more than one multi-cable.

4. Input Interface: USB, Aux3.5 stereo.

5. Powered speakers, rated output 3W, with magnetically shielded.

6. Imported chips, long-lasting life, superior performance.

7. Can be directly read SD card, U disk MP3 music files inside.

8. Free easy to connect computers, MP3/MP4, ipod, PSP, CD, mobile phones and other stereo sources.

9. Has FM radio function, intelligent search.

10. Surface shell color: blue.

11. Seeks to streamline the operation simple and stylish design.


Graphic Description


This product is designed, rectangular box appearance, support U disk, SD card, MP3 and other music storage device to support mobile phones, computers and other music players.


 Perfect industrial design, bringing sleek smooth touch, delicate texture of the real performance. Anti-oxidation, and wear-resistant enclosure, a more sophisticated fashion style.

Portable Speaker(SP-1301)


Simple interface and switch design, eliminating the need for the first time you use the identify button to trouble everywhere.


Portable Speaker(SP-1301)


Double horn design, superior sound quality.

Portable Speaker(SP-1301)


Outside of the battery compartment cover back flip-open cover separated, install or remove the battery cover when the body than the fixed multi-point space. Yuanzhuanglidian pool capacity 1000mAh, about the size and general cell phone battery.


Portable Speaker(SP-1301)


As a portable reader speaker, it does not sound great shock effect, it is also highly cost-effective large volume of a high-definition audio, either from its mini form or pure sound quality, will give you every reason to believe entertainment life of fun.

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