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Brand Marketing Services

Brand Marketing Services

Service Introduction
Brand Marketing Services

On the basis of Brand Authorizing Services & Double-Brand Cooperation Services, ToAfrica.net also supply Brand Marketing Services for meet the requirements of company in cooperation brands.

Service Content
Brand Marketing Services

In brand cooperation company, a year of our brand licensing requirements (such as sales, etc.), if the intention of brand marketing cooperation. Need to provide some funding each year to do branding and market development, we will use the operational experience in Africa to help to enhance the brand marketing, market development. Help cooperative enterprises and gradually establish their own brand.

Service Object
Brand Marketing Services

1. Has been cooperated with us.
        2. Reach our standard after cooperation.

Service Advantage
Brand Marketing Services

1. Many African product positioning and marketing experience.
        2. African local advertising promotion.
        3. Promotion in Africa through e-commerce platform.
        4. Over 10 years African brands operation experience.
        5. Can provide related promotional activities.
        6. Huge network of local sales in Africa.

Services Guide
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