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Job creation initiative launched in South Africa

         Date: 2012-07-28

           Tag: South Africa, South Africa Job

Summary: A new Job Creation Initiative was launched here on Monday, with the aim of ensuring greater involvement of businesses in job creation.

A new Job Creation Initiative was launched here on Monday, with the aim of ensuring greater involvement of businesses in job creation.

The initiative, with the theme “Unemployment - time for business to take Responsibility”, was sponsored by EOH, a SA company that provides business and techonology solutions.

The main areas of the initiative include promotion of Internship and Training Programmes, repatriation of jobs offshored to other countries and the creation of jobs by offshoring services to other countries, working with the government to mobilize businesses to take advantage of government incentive schemes for job creation and encourage business to invest more in South Africa which will result in job creation.

“There are five million unemployed people in South Africa. Youth make up 75 percent of South Africa’s unemployed.

EOH’s view is that Job Creation is primarily the responsibility of business,” said EOH Chief Excutive Officer Asher Bohbot.

Bohbot called on Pretoria to create environment and incentives that will enable business to create much needed jobs in South Africa.

South Africa government is current battling to halt downward trend on unemployment especially among the youth.

President Jacob Zuma has invited the labour and businesses to intervene. According to official figures, South Africa’s unemployment rate currently stands at about 24 percent.

“Government role is to create the environment and incentives for business to thrive and create jobs. Government can’t shoulder the burden, and definitely not able to employ more people,” Bohbot said.

The Job Creation Initiative is aimed at stimulating job creation by interacting with our customers, business partners and government, he said.

“We estimate that we are currently offshoring between 20, 000 and 25 000 jobs. Our objective for the next three years is to bring some 10, 000 jobs back home. We also want to help in creating Internships for 20, 000 graduates and Learnerships for 30 000 matriculants.”

Bohbot also called for more investment in education, saying South Africa is short of skills, rather than short of jobs.

“One set of skills equal’s one job. We have a need to skill our people, starting with school leavers and graduates through Learnership and Internship programmes.

We believe that business needs to take up the role of further developing our youth,” he said.Research shows that a youth without work experience have a high chance of never finding employment, he said.

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