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Our Advantages(For AIU Members)

         Date: 2011-10-10

           Tag: Advantages, AIU Members

Summary: Our Advantages(For AIU Members)

Our Advantages(For AIU Members)

1. A long history of Sino-African trade and brand marketing
We have 15 years’ experience of Sino-African import and export trade and 10 years of brand marketing experience in Africa.

2. Professional localization team
We have more than 500 local employees which are good at Sino-African trade and brand operating.

3. Low cost and long-term returns
We can help you to reduce the purchasing cost up to 10% if you are AIU member!

4. We have an extensive market in Africa
Our brands and our business marketing have covered more than 30 countries in Africa

5. Stable products supply
We have business with plenty of Chinese suppliers, which can offer you stable products supply.

6. Perfect Quality Inspection System
We have professional quality inspectors and we can offer you After-Sales Support

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