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How to apply China visa for South Africa

         Date: 2012-10-09

           Tag: China, South Africa, visa, business travel

Summary: How, what, where and when to apply China visa for South Africa. Here 's a bit of help for you.

China is rapidly becoming one of the top business and tourist destinations for South Africans, but one of the frustrations is knowing what to do in order to apply for a visa as a South African. Here’s a bit of help on the how, what, where and when.

Visa Requirements:
* Completed Chinese Visa Application From
* 2 x 2 inch passport photo (no hats or head coverings – specify to the photographer that the photo is for a Chinese visa)
* Valid, permanent passport with at least two fully blank pages, valid for at least 6 months beyond return to South Africa

* 3 Months bank statements showing sufficient and continuous flow of funds
* Hotel reservations for entire duration of Chinese trip
* Confirmed, return flight tickets (or cruise booking if entering by sea)
*  If first time applicants need to submit a copy of their ID too

Additional document

s for business travellers:
Qualified invitation letter from business partner or company sponsoring visit in China, this must be stamped and signed (the business should know the documents they need to provide). The letter should state your name, position in the company with company’s address and contact details, passport number and personal telephone number, reason for trip, duration of stay and full itinerary of trip in China.
If purchasing goods, the letter should also include planned items of purchase, with the quantity and value of the items as well.

Where to apply
Usually, you can apply through a visa handling agency


R250 for the single entry visa, R380 for a two entry visa, R500 for a multiple entry 6 months validity visa and R750 for a 1 year multiple entry visa. As a tourist, you’d most likely go for the single entry one. So, just R250, not expensive.

How long in advance to apply

The visa takes 3-5 days to be processed but the consulate suggests a minimum of 7 days. If you are urgent and need a visa within 7 days, the consulate may be able to grant it at a “rush-fee” of R250.

Booking flights for your trip
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