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We provide you with a variety of payment methods, you can choose according to their convenient way to pay for the goods:

Bank Transfer

Customers to the site in the Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, Merchants Bank, China Post opened the account transfer. Collection time is usually money remitted after 3 working days.


(1) in the process of remittance, please use your column on the remittance order number and specify the user name (very important!), And to ensure that the sender's name and consignee name the same order. (Because the banks of the reasons, you may not leave the order number displayed on the money order so that we cannot be found will cause delays in orders for goods order number issued.)

(2) If you transfer for some time, still have not received goods orders, please contact customer service with ToAfrica.net the query. Inquiries please provide ToAfrica.net registered on the site the user name, order number, the sender's name, amount, address, recipient address, transfer time, treatment and contact information.

Online banking online payment

Alipay or PayPal

Post Office Remittance

Services Guide
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