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About Logistics

Please select the correct address according to the consignee provincial, municipal, district / county, the system will prompt you to choose the shipping method and delivery-related information.

See Xinfeng Logistics Charges: http://www.xf-express.com.cn/index.aspx


1. After successful subscription, you can send you our confirmation e-mail or visit our website in the "My Account" to view order information, select a non-COD orders please pay the purchase price, we will as soon as possible to the rear section arrange for delivery.

2. In order to ensure timely and accurate delivery of goods to your hands when you fill in the order detailed information and contact the consignee.

3. Shipping charges subject to express logistics company charges.

4. Express Delivery time: 08:30 - 19:00, please arrange a reasonable time of receipt, if you have special needs please contact us and we will do our best to your consultation.

Orders for goods not received long potential problems:

1. Please ensure your order's shipping address, zip code, phone, Email address and other information on the accuracy of the order of goods timely and accurate issue.

2. Payment, shipping method selection error. If the shipping address on your order is not within the scope of distribution, do not select the delivery method of distribution, or it may delay your delivery time.

3. Express delivery orders, the distribution process to contact you if we have time to reply has not been more than seven days, this order will be ordered by default you have to give up. If the order's shipping address is a fixed period of time before receiving merchandise, you the "Order Notes" column specified in detail.

4. Remittance arrives, but encountered receiving address is unknown, the amount of money will not be enough time for you to send.

Note: The overtime payment order system will automatically cancel the order and notify you via SMS or email, if you continue to confirm the order when you make timely payments. If the payment order when no change in commodity prices and in stock, we will promptly after receiving the order in to effect as soon as possible for you to send goods.

Commodity Inspection and Sign:

1. Express delivery orders, please be sure to personally check the products against invoice, if the number of missing merchandise, damaged goods, etc. Please go through the entire single-commodity spot rejection. Once you have confirmed the signing, we will not be able to handle your exchange or replacement. Such as inspection and found the problem out of the box, please contact the call center with ToAfrica.net: +86-400-833-7888 (is free).

2. If you selected when ordering a "need to invoice", please double-check the invoice is sent along with the goods, if not received an invoice, please contact Customer Service with ToAfrica.net fill your invoice.

3. For the order recipient, in principle, I need to order people to sign, if it does require the collection of commissioned pieces, please confirm with ToAfrica.net call center before they can collect.

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