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1. Q: What is TOAFRICA?
     A: TOAFRICA is the first Sino-Africa platform owned by Shenzhen Right Net Tech Co., Ltd, including E-commerce, branding, logistics, finance, cultural industry, social networks, information, service and other domains. Though combining platform system and O2O model together, we provide users with a platform which has comprehensive, innovative, practical, effective information service and social & business service.
2. Q: How does it work?
     A: TOAFRICA is the wholesale marketplace offering quality products at best prices. It is super easy to use TOAFRICA, all you need to do is to register. All the prices are negotiated. You can choose the items you want, add to cart, and fill in the simple file. Then one of our experts will contact you very soon. Also you can apply to be our agent or supplier for product & band cooperation through the “AFRICA BUSINESS COOPERATION”. Choose our logistics service, you can place shipping orders, we provide China-Africa logistics service. It’s that simple and all done from the comfort of your home or office!
3. Q: What can TOAFRICA offer?
     A: 1. The online wholesale marketplace.
          2. Import and export union service.
          3. Business services: tickets, visas, translation, and accounting.
          4. The news: the latest China and Africa news.
          5. Logistics services: Sino-Africa logistics services.
          6. Help to find suppliers.
     Please tell us what you want to buy here, so that we can help to find the best Chinese suppliers--->

4. Q: Where is your physical store located?
     A: The HQ, Shenzhen China
         Add: 15 Building, 1st Area, Fuqiao Industrial Park, Yongfu Road, Fuyong Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China.
          Tel: +86-755-2163 8855, 2163 8856
          E-mail: sales@toafrica.net
          Guangzhou, China
          Add: 3002 Block B Tianxiu Building, NO300 Huanshi Middle Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou,China.
           Tel: +86-20-8322 9145
           E-mail: sales@toafrica.net
         West Africa
         Tel: 00228 93461777
          E-mail: shockley.chu@toafrica.net
          Central Africa
           Add: Room No.3, 1st Floor, Toafrica Center, Carrefour Ancien PMUC,Akwa,Douala,Cameroon.
           Tel: 00237 96661423 / 00237 90725528
           E-mail: richard@toafrica.net
           East Africa
           Add: River Lane House, Gate no.4, House no.6; Laikipia Road, Kileleshwa, Off Westlands By-pass, Nairobi, Kenya.
           Tel: 00254 708387309 / 00254 0205251654
           E-mail: daniel.zhao@toafrica.net

My Account FAQs
1. Q: Do I have to register to use TOAFRICA?
     A: Yes. To buy products and service, you need to register.
2. Q: How do I register?
    A: Registration at TOAFRICA is FREE and the process is very simple:
Click on "Free Register" button and you will be asked to provide your basic contact information.
Log in your email and will receive a confirmation email, click on the link and you are now registered at TOAFRICA!
3. Q: Is TOAFRICA free?
     A: Yes. It is free to register. You will only pay for the goods and relative services you buy.
4. Q: I forgot my password? Can I reset it?
     A: Yes. You can. Click on the “forget password” button to enter you email address, and give the answers to your security question. You will receive a confirmation email, click on the link and reset your password.
5. Q: Can I change my email address?
     A: No. You can’t at present. Registered mail address is unique.
6. Q: I can’t register on the website. What can I do?
     A: Once you submit your registration, please remember to log in your mailbox to check the confirmation email and click on the link.
7. Q: I have registered successfully, but can't log in. How can I do?
     A: Please turn to our Live Help for help.

My Orders FAQs
1. Q: How do I search for products?
    A: Click on the category name on the left of the homepage to view the products we have within those categories. You can also use the search bar located at the top of our homepage to find your preferred products.
2. Q: How do I buy on TOAFRICA?
    A: All the prices are negotiated. You choose the items you want, add to cart, and fill in the simple file. Then one of our experts will contact you very soon.
3. Q: Do I have to order online?
    A: Yes. You will have to place order online. But you are no need to pay online. Our expert will contact you and follow your order.
4. Q: Is it safe to order online?
     A: Yes. It is safe. You won’t ask to pay online. You will only need to add the products you want to cart, and fill in the simple file.
5. Q: How do I know that you have received my order?
     A: Once you have submitted your order successfully, it looks like this--->
Then one of our experts will contact you very soon.
6. Q: Can I make changes to my order?
     A: You cannot change by yourself now, but you can contact your expert to help changing.
7. Q: Can I cancel my order?
     A: You cannot cancel by yourself now, but you can contact your expert to help canceling.

Payment FAQs
1. Q: How can I pay for my order?
     A: Cash and account transfer to the Hong Kong/Mainland Bank (support for the Euro, Dollar and Yuan).
2. Q: How many kinds of payment?
     A: In FCL shipping case, we accept T/T payment. Customers will be charged 30%~50% deposit in advance. Then we arrange the factory to start production. Customers will be charged the left 50%~70% payment a week before the ship arrives at the port of destination. If customers can't pay the balance in time, we will charge fine for delaying payment in accordance with the contract.
In other case, for example, small batch, air and courier, customers will need to pay full before delivery.
3. Q: When will I be charged?
     A: You will be charged for the goods, the overland freight of maritime ports to your company or store, customs and imports duties.
4. Q: Are your prices negotiable?
     A: Yes. All the prices are negotiable.

International Shipping & Delivery FAQs
1. Q: What are the delivery way?
     A: Shipping, air transport and express delivery.
2. Q: Where do you deliver to?
     A: Any port in Africa is available.
3. Q: How much does delivery cost?
     A: It is according to the logistics companies and freight forwarding companies’ offer.
4. Q: Will I be charged customs and imports duties?
     A: Yes, you will be. We provide the FOB price.
5. Q:How long will delivery take?
     A: Shipping: It generally requires about 35 days from the departure port to the port of destination.
          Air / Express: Generally 1-2 weeks
6. Q: How do I track my order?
     A: Shipping: Each container has the unique container number, customers can come into the shipping company's website to track order.
         Air: Please contact us through Live Help.
         Express: Customers can enter courier number, provided by us, on the courier official website for inquiries, for example, DHL official website is ---> http://www.cn.dhl.com/en.html

Customer Services
1. Q: How can I contact you?
     A: Please find all of our contact details here---> http://www.toafrica.net/Item/385.aspx
Furthermore, you can turn to the Live Help of the website for help if any questions.

 2. Q: What time is available for Live Help?
      A: The available time of Live Help is 8:30 AM ~6:00PM, from Monday to Friday, at Chinese time.
3.  Q: What can I do if the Live Help is unavailable?
      A: Please click the Live Help to leave your questions and contact details, the online service staff will back to you a.s.a.p. once she or he starts to work. 
Here are more offline contact details---> http://www.toafrica.net/Item/385.aspx

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