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Thank you for visiting this site. In using this site, please read the following terms of use, the terms of use as the site include your user rights and obligations and other important content. Please note that access and/or use of this site (such as copy of any information, registering as a user, etc.), you accept the terms of use. If you do not accept the Terms of Use, please immediately stop using the website and remove, destroy all contain a copy of the contents of this site.

1. Definition

1.1 "ToAfrica.net" is Justice Network Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, China-Africa R & D to promote the first trading platform. "LEADDER": is Justice Network Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, a registered brand.

1.2 "ToAfrica.net associated enterprises": refers to the ToAfrica.net or directly or indirectly by the ToAfrica.net investment company.

1.3 "ToAfrica.net product": refers to ToAfrica.net or ToAfrica.net associated with production, sales marked "LEADDER" or other competitive advantage trademarks genuine products.

1.4 "Website": refers to ToAfrica.net operations management, and requires the user to express or refer to abide by these Terms of Use Web site.

1.5 "Service": means any of the features provided on this site, facilities, applications, information or other services.

1.6 "Site Content": means any data contained on this site, charts, pictures, designs, descriptions, documents, audio and video works, software, tools, links, user subscription information on this site and so on.

1.7 "You" or "User": means any access or use of this site, regardless of whether they belong to this site or the services of a registered site user.

1.8 "User Information": refers to the user in accordance with the instructions ToAfrica.net uploaded to the website pictures, audio and video information, data, personal information, views, comments, files, documents and other information.

2. The User Information

2.1 Users to ensure that:

2.1.1 User information is correct, complete, true, legitimate, there is no false, fraudulent, harassing, libelous, harmful, defamatory, abusive, threatening, vulgar, obscene and other violations of law, public order and good morals or social ethics of information or content, there was no harm the network or computer system security, integrity, stability, continuity of viruses, Trojans and other computer software, documentation or other data.

2.1.2 Provide users with complete information, independent rights, to ensure ToAfrica.net the provisions of Article 2.4 in accordance with user-provided information will not infringe any third party's copyright or other legal rights, and will not violate any third party users conventions.

2.2 If you provide information in violation of Article 2.1 of the situation, or ToAfrica.net reason to believe that the above-mentioned case, the ToAfrica.net have the right to refuse use of this website. Therefore, the case for users unable to obtain the information from this site or other services, ToAfrica.net no responsibility.

2.3 Provide information for users involved in the user's personal information, ToAfrica.net will be protected in accordance with regulations.

2.4 You agree to grant ToAfrica.net worldwide with free, perpetual, irrevocable, use, copy, modify, transmit and display the user's rights and license information.

3. The User Name, Password and Security

3.1 This site may invite users of this website or this website as a service to use for registration, ToAfrica.net fully respects the identity of the user decide whether to register. If the user chooses to register as the user should follow the instructions on this website and other terms and conditions, including but not limited to registration provisions.

3.2 Once users register successfully and get ToAfrica.net assigned user name and password, the user should also keep the user name and password, may not be transferred or granted to others, and their user name in the responsibility for all activities.

3.3 If users find their user name and password illegal use by others, shall immediately notify the ToAfrica.net. Result of hacking or negligence of the user's storage areas and other non-ToAfrica.net user name and password causes illegal use by others of, ToAfrica.net does not assume any responsibility.

3.4 Long as the user is not on this site using their user up to 6 months (or ToAfrica.net otherwise indicated period), ToAfrica.net the right to terminate User's registration status.

3.5 ToAfrica.net while preserving without any reason at any time terminate the right to access this Web Site and/or registration status, in this case, ToAfrica.net will make reasonable efforts to notify the user.

3.6 Once the user's registration status is terminated, the user should immediately stop using the Site, and remove, destroy all of its reservation includes a copy of the contents of this site.

4. Site Rules

4.1 Use the user to comply with the terms of this premise, ToAfrica.net granted to the user on the website of the limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable, non-commercial personal use only of the right of use. In any case, the site content and services (including but not limited to the user to obtain a user name and other identifying information) only to be permitted by the user's personal use and may not be sold or transferred. Terms of Use ToAfrica.net reserves all rights not specifically granted.

4.2 users in the process of using this site, you must follow the following principles:

4.2.1 comply with all applicable laws and regulations;

4.2.2 comply with the Terms of Use and all related agreements, regulations and procedures, but also must follow the Internet-related procedures and practices;

4.2.3 not to use this site to engage in illegal criminal activities, including secession, abetting crime, violation of computer security systems, interfere with or confusion network services such as endangering national security or damage social and public interests;

4.2.4 shall not use any of the sites on the Internet may adversely affect the normal operation of the act;

4.2.5 shall not be violated ToAfrica.net or ToAfrica.net affiliates or any third party's patent, copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights, defamation or any other legal rights, interests or engage in damage ToAfrica.net or ToAfrica. adverse effect on the net.

4.3 unless it has complied with the terms of use or other provisions have been made ToAfrica.net prior permission, the user may, for any purpose in the following acts:
- Download, copy, display, distribute, transmit, upload, publish, distribute the contents of this web site;
- Modify, edit or otherwise interpret the contents of this web site;
- Transfer, resell, rent this website or service.

4.4 users in the use of this site in violation of any of the above requirements, ToAfrica.net can judge for themselves requires the user to correct or to take all necessary measures (including but not limited to deleting users to upload content, suspend or terminate your right to use this site) to reduce the impact of user misconduct.

5. ToAfrica.net Intellectual Property Rights

5.1 users ToAfrica.net or ToAfrica.net affiliates trademarks, trade names, logos, designs, ToAfrica.net product model and name, the name of the website, domain name or its derivatives do not have any rights. Terms of Use do not grant users the rights or interests in any of the above. Without the prior written consent ToAfrica.net, the user shall not in any advertising or promotional materials, publications or media use ToAfrica.net logo.

5.2 Except as provided in Section 5.1, this site contains any information, text, graphics and other website content are subject to copyright law, trademark law and/or other intellectual property laws and other related laws, and its related rights owned ToAfrica.net or ToAfrica.net affiliates or content providers. ToAfrica.net or without the prior consent of the rights, the user may not copy, distribute, transmit, modify, edit, or directly or indirectly in any media release, which broadcast some content, or that some content for any commercial purpose.

5.3 ToAfrica.net prior consent or the right premise, or the rights of the people to follow ToAfrica.net instructions based on the content of the site can be copied or distributed, but the user must ensure that the reproduction and distribution are complete and true , including but not limited to all relevant electronic documents, such as copyright and trademark also includes the use of the article itself.

6. Special provisions on the software download

6.1 any software downloaded from this website and related documentation ("Software") copyright and related rights are ToAfrica.net or ToAfrica.net affiliates, or any other software provider. Users should comply with the provisions of Article 5 of the terms.

6.2 software, users can download only for the purpose of personal use, and the software should follow the software with or included in the software end user license agreement (if any, hereinafter referred to as "License Agreement") requirements.

6.3 If the software with no warranties whatsoever, will only license agreement shall prevail. In addition to commitments outside of the license agreement, ToAfrica.net makes no express or implied, including but not limited to the accuracy, reliability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement of the guarantee, nor liable for any installation or software and data loss or other losses.

7. External links

Website content may contain links to other sites. Please note: only those users with convenient external links does not mean ToAfrica.net business or participate in the operation of the such sites, nor does it represent the user is granted access or permit the use of these sites, users should be based on their own responsibility (including, but not not limited to compliance with the terms of use of those Web sites) and the cost of access to those sites, ToAfrica.net not the content of these sites and actions.

8. Limitation of Liability

8.1 ToAfrica.net can not guarantee that the service is to provide continuous, real-time, accurate, and can not guarantee that defects will be corrected, we can not guarantee that the service or servers from viruses or hacker attacks and other harmful ingredients. Services and Web site content provided by the status quo, ToAfrica.net without any form of the service or the content of the accuracy, completeness, satisfactory quality, non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose of the guarantee.

8.2 ToAfrica.net reserves the right to modify, change, cancel, suspend, interrupt or terminate the services provided by this website (in whole or in part) without the right to inform users in advance, ToAfrica.net in the exercise of the foregoing rights are without the user bear any responsibility.

8.3 ToAfrica.net as much as possible on this site will provide accurate information. The products covered by the website pictures and may appear slightly different, the effect shows schematic diagrams and reference (picture of composite image, simulation demo map), the appearance of the ToAfrica.net products (including but not limited to color) please real product. Due to space limitations, the information contained in the site (including but not limited to product specifications, functional description, etc.) may be incomplete, please use the instructions on the product specific information shall prevail. Product price, specification, model, availability subject to change without notice.

8.4 ToAfrica.net reserves the right to change the site content ToAfrica.net involved in product design, specifications, processes, materials, the right, without prior notice.

8.5 Due to space limitations, the information contained in the site (including but not limited to product specifications, functional description, etc.) may be incomplete, please use the instructions on the product specific information shall prevail.

8.6 Web server as a result of system maintenance or upgrades required to suspend service, will be announced in advance as possible. As a result of system maintenance, upgrades or services to be suspended due to server failure, hardware failure, and other force majeure factors which led to stop the service, to suspend all the inconvenience caused during service and data, data loss, this site will try to save the recovery; if they really can not be restored, this site does not bear any responsibility.

8.7 ToAfrica.net not be responsible for providing information and any liability that may arise, including but not limited to other users not authorized to use the case of providing information, or because the user information contains errors, inaccuracies, viruses, libel , slander, infringement of copyright law, privacy laws or any other content prohibited by law or any other liability arising from the content. ToAfrica.net not provide information to users in case of any lost, deleted, removed or assume any responsibility for transmission failure, the user should provide information on their own to keep the backup. ToAfrica.net reserves the right to delete or remove any user the right information, without notice to users, and do not need to take any responsibility.

8.8 For the user through this website with third parties or external links to any legal action, including but not limited to dealings with third parties, by the user and the third to bear the full responsibility, ToAfrica.net does not assume any responsibility.

8.9 User hereby acknowledges and accepts that: the use of this site for users suffered any direct or indirect loss, including but not limited to, website content or services because of delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions arising from any damage, liability, request , losses or expenses, ToAfrica.net and ToAfrica.net affiliates do not assume any responsibility.

9. Compensate

Because the user violated the provisions of this Terms of Use for ToAfrica.net arising from the threat or ToAfrica.net affiliates or any type of complaint brought by the, claims, demands, costs, expenses, losses, litigation, government investigations and/or penalties, damages and liability, the user should ToAfrica.net compensation or ToAfrica.net affiliates (including but not limited to lawyers and consultants' fees), and the user should be ToAfrica.net defense, so ToAfrica.net mitigate the damage.

10. The Modified Terms of Use

ToAfrica.net right when necessary to revise this Terms of Use without prior notice. Once a change, ToAfrica.net will as promptly as possible on this site is updated. If the user does not agree with the modified content, which can take the initiative to stop the use of this site. If users continue to use this site, was deemed to have accepted the revised Terms of Use.

11. Other Agreements or Terms

Users in the use of this site services, according to the services involved, may need to comply with other agreements or terms, including but not limited to, the registration provisions of the Member, the software license agreement, purchase ToAfrica.net terms of product sales, document Download the license Agreement and all other applicable provisions. Users only in complete agreement with the terms of the premise, may use the relevant services.

12. Notice

Terms of Use for changes or other important matters, ToAfrica.net according to their choice through the website notice, e-mail or other means to notify the user.

13. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

Terms of Use of this web site are applicable to the interpretation and implementation of PRC law. Terms of Use published on this website and any Additional Terms, constitute the ToAfrica.net between the user full use of this site agreement. If the content of the agreement and inconsistent with the provisions applicable mandatory law, places the mandatory legal requirement shall prevail. Result of the implementation of the agreement any dispute, the first negotiated settlement by the parties; the negotiation fails, either party may apply to the Beijing court of competent jurisdiction.

14. Others

The title of this Terms of Use for reference only, not as a basis for interpretation of terms of the content. If the use of this site encounter any problems, please visit the Contact Us.

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