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China provides succor to Nigerian orphans

         Date: 2012-11-15

           Tag: China, Nigerian, succor

Summary: The China-based charitable and business organization on Wednesday provided succor to more than Nigerian 100 orphans as part of its corporate social responsibilities (CSR).

The China-based charitable and business organization Tiens Group on Wednesday provided succor to more than 100 Nigerian 100 orphans as part of its corporate social responsibilities (CSR).

Founder and president of the Tiens Group Jin Yuanli told reporters that the donation of one million naira (6,341 U.S. dollars) and other gift materials worth 2 million naira (12,682 U. S. dollars) to the orphanage was done in continuation of the organization's numerous assistance to the less-privileged, especially people living in harsh conditions across the world.

"It is not only in Nigeria that we have done this but in so many other countries across the world. Once we find people in need, we quickly take it as our responsibility to come to their rescue," said Li.

"This is not our first time in Nigeria. We have done so many charitable donations to SOS villages and other groups in Nigeria, and even across Africa," said Li, adding Tiens Group expects no financial or material returns from the enormous donations made in the west African nation and all other countries which have benefited from its corporate social responsibility.

With over 270 million U.S. dollars having been donated to assist Nigerian citizens so far, the group's president said he hoped to meet with top Nigerian officials on how to assist in further providing succor to the less-privileged. According to him, the meeting might also pave way for a possible collaboration projects between the government of Nigeria and the Tiens Group.

"It was so painful seeing children who are homeless and are indeed orphans. I saw the condition of the children when I visited them and was moved to tears. Apart from that, a lot of people are living in harsh conditions. They need our help," he added.

The SOS Children's Village in Nigeria was built in 1973, after the three-year civil war in the country between 1967 and 1970. As an offshoot of the global SOS Village set up 1949 in Russia by a German, after the World War II, the Lagos-based SOS Village which benefited from Tiens Group's generosity has a total of 174 orphans including 102 kids and 72 youths.

"In general, Tiens Group's principle is to guarantee more and more wealth among people. With legal compliance, it also guarantees employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, irrespective of countries, languages, religions and backgrounds," he said.

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