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Privacy Policy

ToAfrica.net published on the Internet for your privacy is very sensitive. We believe that to let you know how we handle our Internet access to information about you is very important. We will try to protect you on the Site to provide us with personal information.

1. The Collection of Information.

(1) In ToAfrica.net website, you can request help through our website, obtain registration materials or to participate in our activities. You may need to provide the necessary and relevant personal information so that we provide you with better service, to help you answer questions and so on. When we collect your data, ToAfrica.net will provide you with just the right warnings, choice and security guarantees. To make your visit both efficient and safe, through the website of the transmission of all personal information in line with ToAfrica.net rigorous Internet security standards.

(2) In general, you simply visit ToAfrica.net sites on the Internet, does not show who you are or revealing any information about you. Our web servers collect that you visit our site, rather than e-mail address. This information will be in the "unknown" on the basis of the collection, only to traffic statistics, the average time spent on the site, pages viewed, and so on. ToAfrica.net these data to our site use and improve the site's content.

(3) If you want to get something from ToAfrica.net sites (such as product or service, a callback, or specific marketing materials), we will use the information you provide to fulfill your request. To help us do this, we will work with others involved in the implementation process to share your information, such as ToAfrica.net other sectors, ToAfrica.net business partners, financial institutions, shipping companies, postal or government authorities (eg customs authorities .) In addition, we will contact you as our customer satisfaction surveys or for market research.

2. The Information Control.

ToAfrica.net not open to the public or to third parties through the site to provide us with your personal information, unless:

(1) Prior authorized by users;
(2) Only disclose your personal information to provide you requested products and services;
(3) Sccording to the laws and regulations;
(4) In accordance with the requirements of relevant government authorities;
(5) To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests ToAfrica.net.

3. The Links Point to Third-party.

Occasionally, our site may contain links to other sites. In this case, if you choose to visit these sites, these sites privacy policies or privacy parameters (if any) will be applied, rather than the application ToAfrica.net privacy policy. Such links does not constitute ToAfrica.net this act's mandate. ToAfrica.net to provide such links only as a convenience, ToAfrica.net the content of such sites is not responsible. We recommend that you provide personal information to any company before you see the company's privacy policy.

4. Access to Personal Information.

To protect your privacy and security, we will take appropriate steps to determine your identity, such as requiring passwords and user accounts, in taking such measures to verify identity, you can access or modify your personal information. ToAfrica.net will be striving to make your personal information to remain accurate, and gives you, including allowing you to access personal information online capabilities, you can update or modify your information, if you forget your user account has been registered or password Please contact us to verify the request.

5. Under 16-year-old User's Personal Data Processing.

ToAfrica.net will maximize attention to the safety of users under 16 years of age. Under 16 years of age on the user's personal information, please make sure that we remind the consent of the guardian to provide. For users under 16 years of age: When you register your name, address, telephone or other personal information, make sure your guardian with you at your computer for.


COOKIE is to effectively use the Internet, the server sends to your browser, the small-scale information is placed on your hard disk on the server, a very small text file. COOKIE, then use the network server will record what pages users access the data. By using the COOKIE, the network server can identify the user's computer, but does not recognize the use of those individuals. Users can change your browser settings to refuse to receive COOKIE COOKIE or when receiving display warning signs.
ToAfrica.net mainly used for the following purposes, visitors recorded in the network server or user's IP address (the computer used to identify the number). By IP address is not personally identifiable.

(1) Investigate the reasons for the network server problems and solve these problems.

(2) Management of network servers, in order to better meet the user and the site improvements.

(3) COOKIE information obtained through the use of sometimes statistics, processing, editing and published, but can be used to identify the user does not include personal information.

7. Because of this statement or the use of this site is the controversial applicable PRC laws.

8. And interpretation of this statement of interpretation on the use of this site owned by ToAfrica.net all.

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