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Member Price: $179.50
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Air Conditioner(AC-W03)
Air Conditioner(AC-W03)
  • Market Price(FOB): $246.00
  • Member Price(FOB): $246.00 Tips: The price is FOB Shenzhen, it is for reference, the final transaction price will base on the trading volume and exchange rate.
  • Brand: MY LEADDER
  • Pcs/carton: 1
  • Packing Size(cm)/carton: 184.8*95.5*65.9
  • Packing Volume(m³)/carton: 0.29
  • Net Weight(kg)/carton: 46.00 | Gross Weight(kg)/carton: 53.00
  • Container Quantity(pcs/40HQ): 237
  • Container Quantity(pcs/40GP): 223
  • Container Quantity(pcs/20GP): 96
  • Monthly Capicity:
    MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity): 50
    Purchase Quantity:
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Product Details
Model No.: TAC-18CS/* Fan System
Type: cooling only Indoor air circulation(Cooling/Heating): m3/h 800
Rated cooling capacity: Btu/h;W 18000 Indoor fan type: Cross flow
Rated heating capacity: Btu/h;W N.A  
EER for cooling: Btu/h.w; W/W 9.0,2.6  
COP for heating: W/W N.A  
Moisture removal: Liters/h 1.5 Indoor fan speed H/M/L: Cooling rpm 1060/970/880
Pressure: High(DP) MPa 2.8 Heating rpm N.A
Low(SP) MPa 1.2 Dry rpm 880
Indoor noise level at cooling: High dB(A) 42 Sleep rpm 880
Med. dB(A) 39 Indoor fan motor output:W 23
Low dB(A) 36 Outdoor fan type:Propeller
Electrical Data Outdoor fan speed:rpm 850
Outdoor noise level: dB(A) 58 Outdoor fan motor output:W 45
Voltage Range: V 198~264 Connections
Rated current: Cooling A 9.1 Connecting Pipe: Gas mm Φ12(1/2'')
Heating A N.A Liquid mm Φ6(1/4'')
Rated input: Cooling W 2000 Connecting Wiring: Size x Core number 1.5x3; 0.75x2
Heating W N.A Drainage Pipe
Annual energy consumption :kwh (cooling) Others
Max Current: Cooling A 11.8 Suitable area: m2 20~35
Heating A N.A Net dimensions (W x H x D): Indoor mm 900x280x202
Max Power input: Cooling W 2600 Outdoor mm 760x552x256
Heating W N.A Net weight: Indoor kg 11
Refrigerating System Outdoor kg 35
Refrigerant/Charge: Gram R22 Packing dimensions (W x H x D): Indoor mm 985x365x298
Compressor: Type Rotary Outdoor mm 863x598x376
Model Gross weight: Indoor kg 14
LRA A Outdoor kg 39
MFG Loading Capacity :20'/40’/40’HC 95/198/215

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Leadder Panel Code Glass Panel Leadder Panel Code Common Panel Leadder Panel Code Color Panel
01 Air Conditioning Panel 07 Air Conditioning Panel 11 Air Conditioning Panel
02 Air Conditioning Panel 08 Air Conditioning Panel    
03 Air Conditioning Panel 09 Air Conditioning Panel    
04 Air Conditioning Panel 10 Air Conditioning Panel    
05 Air Conditioning Panel        
06 Air Conditioning Panel        


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